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I’m Priya Jaganathan, founder of Pivot 2 Thrive. I specialize in Pivoting your Marketing & Sales strategies to make your business THRIVE! 

I strive to empower businesses with organic social media strategies & sales funnel that result in automated lead generation & sales !

I coach busy Parent-Entrepreneurs (like me) on building simplified business processes to find time, money & freedom without burnout. 

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My Story

Priya Jaganathan, PJ if its easier is a serial Entrepreneur, Startup Investor, Mum, wifey, true empath & Generator by human design. 

She started her Career as a Lecturer in India with a Doctorate in Bioinformatics and started a brick & mortar training institute in 2008 with 3 full time staff whilst hustling full time in the University sector. She had to wrap up everything in 2016 and move her family to Australia and that big leap in early thirties with 2 kids aged 5 and 1 was a huge gamble but paid off really well. 

My Story

Australia having a very late retirement age and the culture to save for own funeral shocked Priya and made her look for options where she was not trading time for money and work till late 60s. She started to invest time, money and effort in building her sidehustle . She found mentors and events in the Online business space and her life changed with $100 investment in Clickfunnels 30-day challenge. Since then her AHDH-undiagnosed brain made her to try and experiment multiple things and build a loyal, raving social media followers , 2 YouTube channels & 2 Podcasts along the way. 

Having lived in 3 states ( NT, SA & QLD ) in 6 years and worked in gambling and research grant management sector , she decided to take the plunge to take full ownership of the side hustle built in the Online space and become a fulltime CEO of her life & business. 

She aims to empower businesses with her marketing & sales strategies to make them thrive. She is a powerhouse when is comes to making her clients see through their blindspots, make strategic pivots & unleash their true potential.


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